Our Team

  • Crystal Haase

    Owner & Massage Therapist

    Crystal is fulfilling her dream of creating an environment that allows people the opportunity to refresh their mind, body, and soul while simultaneously nourishing the caretakers who assist in doing so.  She has spent almost 10 years of her life as a massage therapist and knows how important personal interaction is.  She is a caring individual with a heart as great as her ambition to always provide you with the highest quality services possible.

  • Falecial Y.

    Staff Manager/ Spa Coordinator

    Falecial believes being a positive and good inspiration to others is very important.  Currently, she is studying esthetics and waxing, beginning at the Miller-Motte College in Raleigh, NC and continuing here in Virginia.  She thrives in the confidence that comes with the performance of great services. To see her work impact people of all walks of life to succeed and be happy inspires Falecial.  She enjoys leisure time with her family and friends, watching movies, or dining out.

  • Brenda S.

    Spa Coordinator

    Massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, all of the services offered at Crystal Spa & Nails are forms of health care, mental and physical.  This belief inspires Brenda to help others by promoting these services and helping facilitate the spa experience. She loves being able to offer people the opportunity to relax and feel special while taking care of themselves.

  • Ayanna H.

    Nail Technician

    Ayanna loves the detail and precision that goes into every service, and even more so the relationships she builds with clients. Whether it be through her colorful hair, her bubbly personality, her amazing services, or a combination of all, Ayanna feels that if she brightens at least one person’s day she has fulfilled her purpose.

  • brianna M.

    Nail Technician

    With encouragement from her family, friends, and husband, Brianna went from doing her own nails at home to pursuing this career with all the challenges and evolutions with which it comes.  She loves to do nail art, always learning new techniques and experimenting with new products; Brianna says it’s a fun way to interact with clients and a way to challenge herself creatively.  Brianna stands true in her belief that every client should have a positive and memorable experience, and a safe and sanitary one.  Integrity and honesty are core values that she holds in the highest regard.

  • Shiree Y.

    Nail Technician

    Shiree's decision to pursue a career in nails was thanks to her own former nail technician; she cared about the true health of nails and showed Shiree that it was more than just “cool nails,” it was about wellness.  This and her commitment to providing quality nail services leaving her clients relaxed and happy, is what makes Shiree a strong member of the Crystal Spa & Nails family. 

  • Kaitlin C.


    Kaitlin loves everything skincare.  She loves being able to make people feel beautiful naturally, and is driven by seeing results and her clients’ happy with their skin.  She is always researching new skincare products and machines, and is currently in school to receive her Master Esthetician License. Kaitlin won’t stop there on her journey; she is also constantly searching for new trades and skills to offer to her clients, such as microblading and lash extensions.  Kaitin’s amazing facials are just the beginning of this talented and passionate young woman.  

  • Joshua D.

    Massage Therapist

    Joshua became fascinated with this field by working with his fellow athletes on injuries, recovery, and pregame physical therapy and massage. He loves being able to help people, whether it's relief from a stressful day or from physical pain. He says, “Being able to uplift someone in spirit is the most fulfilling thing” about this profession.  He is driven by his family of three beautiful children, striving to always become a better version of himself through holistic healing and staying in the moment. 

  • Silouve S.

    Massage Therapist

    Through her college experience, Silouve found the perfect balance of eastern/western modalities in anatomy.  With this and the constant support of her mom and friends, she fell in love with self-healing and natural alternatives to stress and pain relief.  Silouve is rewarded providing comfort to others; she calls it “a proud duty to have people look to me as their healer.” This mindframe makes Silouve's passion not a job, not work, rather a lifestyle of self care - the key to health, wellness, and wealth in life.

  • Now Hiring

    This Could Be You!

    Crystal Spa & Nails is now hiring Licensed Massage Therapists, Certified Estheticians and Nail Technicians, and Spa Coordinators.  Contact us in person, on the phone, or via email for more information!

    Phone:  804.732.1234

    Email:   info@crystalspa.org

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